• Project DRIBs-III, future development of the FLNR accelerator complex includes modernization of existing cyclotrons, construction
      of a new experimental hall, creation of the new high current cyclotron and the next generation experimental set-ups. 
      Realization of the project is planned for 2010–2016.
    • Project DRIBs-III according to recommendations of NPPACs, SCs and CPP.                     
      – Completion of modernization of cyclotrons U400 and U400M
      – Sharing of physical tasks between accelerators
      – Creation of SHE factory based on the high-intensity universal DC280 cyclotron (A≤238, E≤10 MeV•A , I≤ 20 pμA) in a new   separate experimental building
      – Creation of new generation experimental set-ups
      – Total reconstruction of the U400 experimental hall, including 6 radiation safe experimental caves
      – Construction of a special building for physical groundwork of nanotechnology (1500 m2), based on IC100 and U400M



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