Considerable progress of electron-cyclotron heating in electron-cyclotron resonance(ECR) ion source plasma allows to produce unique multicharged ion beams at U400M cyclotron.

ECR ion source and external injection system are designed for ion beam production and transportation to the cyclotron center for further acceleration. System is installed at the upper platform of the cyclotron magnet.

For “DECRIS- 14” ion source operation “NEPTUN-14” generator of 2kW power and of 14,5GHz continuous lasing frequency was used.

  • PRINCIPAL COMPONENTS OF THE EXTERNAL INJECTION SYSTEM:- ECR ion source with working matter supply and beam extraction system.- System of beam analysis and transportation consisting of magnetic len, analyzing and swivel magnet, solenoids and compensating magnets.- Power-supply system.- Inflector- Diagnostic system- Vacuum system- Water coolingExternal injection system is an electrical installation of more than 1000v voltage, maximum voltage applied to the system is + 25 kV (+35kV is possible in emergency state).

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