• May – June 2022 SHE Factory experiments. Two important SHE Factory experiments were successfully completed in FLNR this summer. One of them resulted in synthesis of Ds new isotope, the other summed up preparations for the study of element 112 and 114 chemical properties. >>>

DGFRS-II is the first experimental facility of SHE Factory. The high efficiency of synthesized superheavy nuclei capturing is the main feature of this facility. It exceeds 60%, which means a twofold increase over the efficiency of the previous generation separators. This separator was designed in JINR and manufactured by SIGMAPHI company (France). During 2018 the separator main units were assembled.

Dubna Gas-Filled Recoil Separator (DGFRS-II)  

is designed for:

Synthesis and study of superheavy nuclei:   


  • Synthesis of new SHN in the reactions with 48Ca, 50Ti, 54Cr…; 
  • Synthesis of new isotopes of SHN; 
  • Study of decay properties of SHN; 
  • Study of excitation functions.


Magnetic configuration Qv Dh Qv Qh D
Bending radius D1 1.8 m
Max. magnetic rigidity D1 3.2 T m
Bending angle D1 30o
Bending radius D2 1.8 m
Max. magnetic rigidity D2 3.2 T m
Bending angle D2 10o
Total length 7.1 m

Further upgrade of gas and vacuum system of DGFRS-II gas-filled fragment separator as well as its detector system are planned for the years 2022 – 2023.