DRIBs accelerator complex


The idea of creating an acceleration complex for the production of radioactive nuclear beams, the research program and the choice of the project basic technical parameters have been presented at the 9th meeting of the JINR Program Advisory Committee on Nuclear Physics in November 23-29, 1998. The Dubna Radioactive Ion Beam accelerator complex (DRIBs) bases on two isochronous cyclotrons U400 and U400M and MT-25 microtron that have been equipped with ERC ion sources.This accelerator complex will include two main ion guide lines for transport of low-energy radioactive beams and their further acceleration.

  • First – the transport line for light radioactive ions from RIB-separator of the U400M cyclotron to the U400 cyclotron (Phase 1 or DRIBs-I).
  • Second – the transport line for heavy ions (238U fission fragments) from MT-25 microtron to the ERC-source of the U400 axial injection system (Phase 2 or DRIBs-II).
    • DRIBs layout in the FLNR