U400M accelerator complex

  • U400M accelerator complex has been under modernization and reconstruction since July 2020.
    The main part of installation works were finished in 2023. The autonomous commissioning of the cyclotron systems (vacuum leak testing, RF system testing, testing of ECR ion sources and injection system, testing of safety systems) has to be performed in the beginning of 2024. The acceleration of the testing ion beams and preparation of the first experiment on the ACCULINNA-2 fragment separator is planned in the first half of 2024.

  • During the reconstruction some cyclotron components, parts of beam lines, out-of-date vacuum and water cooling systems and the main coils were demounted. A new control system is being developed; new components of the cyclotron are designed and manufactured.
    The purpose of this modernization is to enhance the reliability and stability of the accelerator (replacement of the main magnet coils, accelerator vacuum system components, control system and radiation control system) and to increase the heavy-ion beam intensity and energy.

  • U400M modernization schedule

  • Intensity and energy of type ions after U400M (MC-400) modernization

  • U400M isochronous cyclotron had been in operation since 1991. The cyclotron was designed for acceleration of Li to Bi ion beams with A/Z=3÷3.6 at energies of 34÷60 MeV/nucleon and the ones with A/Z=8÷10 at energies of 4.5÷9 MeV/nucleon.
    U400M cyclotron delivered 11B, 15N, 32S beams to ACCULINNA-1,2 separators, 18O, 22Ne to COMBAS setup and 40Ar, 48Ca to MASHA mass-spectrometer.