DECRIS-14-2 ion source technical parameters

 Peak on axis, injection side 1.2 T
 Peak on axis, extraction side 0.85 T
 Typical coil current 950 A
 Maximum coil current 1300 A
 Length of the main stage mirror 19 cm
 External diameter, central part 19 cm
 External diameter, end part 16 cm
 Internal diameter 7 cm
 Hexapole length 20 cm
 Hexapole field at the chamber wall 1.1 T
 Internal diameter of the main stage 6.4 cm
 Internal diameter of the injection part 2.9 cm
 Length of the main stage 22 cm
 Solenoid number 2
 Internal diameter 18 cm
 External diameter 34 cm
 Maximum electric power consumption 60 kW
 Cooling water pressure 5 Bars