Synthesis of elements 118

Oganesson, symbol Og is a transactinide chemical element with the atomic number 118 in the periodic table. It is a synthetic element, also known as element 118, or eka-radon.
It was first synthesized in 2002 by a joint team of Russian and American scientists at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, Russia.
In December 2015, it was recognized as one of four new elements by the Joint Working Party of international scientific bodies IUPAC and IUPAP.
IUPAC Press Realease dated 30.12.2015.
“Discovery and assignment of elements with atomic numbers 113, 115, 117 and 118″
In June 2016, the IUPAC suggested the element to be named oganesson, symbol Og, a name expected to be formally accepted by the end of 2016.
IUPAC Press Realease dated 08.06.2016.
IUPAC is naming the four new elements nihonium, moscovium, tennessine, and oganesson.
On 28 November 2016, the IUPAC approved the name oganesson, symbol Og for the element 118.
IUPAC Press Realease dated 30.11.2016.       

IUPAC announces the names of the elements 113, 115, 117, and 118

December 12, 2016 “Vesti”, First channel

December 20, 2016. “Discovery of superheavy elements. New arrivals” FLNR Scientific Seminar.

March 02, 2017. Inauguration of the New Elements of the Periodic Table.

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