Start-up of U300 classic cyclotron

This unique cyclotron was designed in Leningrad Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus under the direction of I.F.Malyshev and according to G.N. Flerov‘s concept. It was manufactured at the one of the factories of “Electrosila” corporation in Leningrad. K.L.Plusnin, the then Chief engineer of the Laboratory managed the construction of the Laboratory building and cyclotron assembly in the experimental hall.  Yu.Ts.Oganessian  was in charge of the start-and-adjustment works.

On September 9, 1960 U300 cyclotron first beam of accelerated nitrogen ions was produced.

For a decade and a half U300 cyclotron was most powerful accelerator of heavy ions both in beam intensity and diversity of accelerated ions.

U300 scientific research

Discovery of elements 102 and 103;
Express (gas) radiochemistry for transactinoid elements (Z≥104);
Discovery of elements 104 and 105;
Discovery of spontaneous fission isomers;
Discovery of a new type of radioactive decay – delayed proton emission;
Discovery of delayed decay;
Study of nuclear fission in heavy ion reactions;
Study of many-nucleon transfer reactions.
U300 experimental research

New neutron-excess isotopes of light elements produced in many-nucleon transfer reactions;
Discovery of deep inelastic transfer reactions;
Gas-filled separator study of delayed proton emission;
Electromagnetic separator study of heavy ions;
MSP-144 nuclear research;
Study of heavy nuclei fission.