SHE Factory first experiment

At the end of November SHE Factory first experiment was started for the purpose of synthesizing Mc (Z=115) isotopes in 243Am(48Ca,2-3n)288,289Mc full fusion reaction. A number of test experiments forewent this one. They showed in particular a very effective background suppression in the focal plane of DGFRS-II new gas filled separator which is very important for registration of decay rear events and long time events.

48Ca particle energy in the first experiment was 243 MeV which corresponds to 3n reaction channel cross-section maximum. 27 decay chains of 288Mc and 5 decay chains of 289Mc were registered during three weeks of the experiment. It in fact doubled U400 accelerator 2003-2012 statistics for these isotopes.

243Am+48Ca reaction cross section is one of the highest in all 48C + actinide target nuclei reactions. For this reason both methodical and scientific problems may be considered in this experiment. Registration of 268Db nucleus alpha-decay is one of such important previous scientific results. It was not observed before and results in discovery of 264Lr, new isotope of Lawrencium.

The results of this first experiments although they need additional scrupulous analysis already now show the potentials of SHE factory. JINR unique program for study of SHE nuclear physical and chemical properties planned for years ahead was started!

  • V. Utyonkov “Status of the first experiments at the SHE Factory and its scientific programme” 

    download: [ pptx ] (4.9Mb)