“Neutrons in exotic nuclei”

11.05.2018 – FLNP Scientific Seminar “Neutrons in exotic nuclei”, 11-00, FLNP Conference Hall (2nd floor).
Speaker: Yu.E.Penionzhkevich,  (FLNR JINR)

The problems related to the effect of neutron clusters on the structure of neutron-rich nuclei near neutron stability boundaries are discussed. The results of measurements of delayed neutrons emitted after the beta-decay of exotic nuclei and the manifestation of various resonances in nuclei as a result of this process are presented. Dynamic neutron shell effects in the interaction of neutron-rich nuclei with target nuclei in various energy regions (from subbarrier to 50 AMeV) are described. The prospects of research on neutron-rich nuclei beams of radioactive-beam factories, including those of the DRIBs accelerator complex, are discussed.

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