Mikhail Grigorievich Itkis


FLNR Deputy Scientific Leader


Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics), Professor

Born: 7 December 1942, Taldy Kurgan Region, Kazakhstan, USSR


1966 Moscow State University

1974 Candidate of Science (Phys.)

1985 Doctor of Science (Phys. and Math.)

1988 Professor

Professional activity:

1967–1992 Institute of Nuclear Physics (Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences), engineer, Senior Scientist, Head of a scientific department

1993–1996 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research,Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, Deputy Director

Since 1997 Director, Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, JINR

Since 2006 Vice-Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

Since 7 May 2010 Acting Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

Since September 2011 Vice-Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

Since 2020 Deputy Scientific Leader of Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions

Scientific interests:

  • Heavy and superheavy nucleus research.
  • Synthesis of new heaviest elements.
  • Electromagnetic and chemical separation and detection of evaporation residues.
  • Measurements of production cross-sections and decay properties of heavy nuclei.
  • The influence of nuclear shells on the stability of heavy nuclei.
  • Spontaneous fission of heavy nuclei. Fission modes.
  • Fission from the isomeric state of a nucleus (spin and shape isomers).
  • Spontaneous emission of clusters.
  • Beta-delayed fission of neutron-deficient isotopes.
  • Fission and quasi-fission of exotic nuclei.
  • Mass and nergy spectra, angular distributions of fragments.


    Author of more than 250 papers.