Meeting of the RAS Council on heavy-ion physics


Friday, 1 December 2017                     International Conference Hall, Dubna


Yu. Ts. Oganessian Synthesis and properties of nuclei near and beyond drip lines.
download: [ pdf ] (2 677Kb)

Marek Lewitowicz Physics and Radioactive Ion Beam facilities worldwide.
download: [ pdf ] (28 742Kb)

G. Ter-Akopian Studies of drip-line nuclei planned for the 7-year period at FLNR, JINR. The expected results.

download: [ pdf ] (1 135Kb)

S.Krupko ACCULINNA-2: from fragment separator to experimental complex

download: [ pdf ] (17 275Kb)

A. Yukhimchuk Tritium support system for ACCULINNA-2
download: [ pdf ] (1 167Kb)

G. Gulbekian Upgrade of U400M cyclotron
download: [ pdf ] (5 081Kb)

S. Bogomolov ECR ion sources for U-400М upgrade to 60-90 MeV/n
download: [ pdf ] (2 421Kb)

Christoph Schiedenberger Gas-filled stopping cells: status and perspectives
download: [ pdf ] (4 600Kb)

G. Trubnikov About some modern accelerator scientific
advances and technologies
download: [ pdf ] (5 608Kb)

Yu. Oganessian Problems: today and in 7 years
download: [ pdf ] (2 677Kb)

A. Fomichev Prospects for the investigation of exotic nuclei structure and nuclear reactions using high precision beams of radioactive ions.
download: [ pdf ] (3 067)

S. Polozov
Т. Kulevoy
Development of an efficient linear accelerator for production of highquality radioactive nuclei beams of variable energy
download: [ pdf ] (6 263Kb)

Yu. Oganessian A glance at the distant horizon (remote for 15-20 years)
download: [ pdf ] (2 677Kb)

L. Grigorenko Electron-Ion Collider. Scientific programme. Keys aspects.
download: [ pdf ] (4 023Kb)

Haik Simon The use of an electron-ion
collider for nuclear structure studies
download: [ pdf ] (10 813Kb)

Yuri Litvinov Possible physics program at a low-energy storage ring
download: [ pdf ] (3 604Kb)

P. Shatunov Electron – Ion Collider Project
for FAIR
download: [ pdf ] (6 119Kb)

I. Meshkov Electron-Ion Collider on Crystalline Ion Beam
download: [ pdf ] (1 096Kb)

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