MAVR high-resolution magnetic analyzer comprises the ion optical magnetic system and the focal plane detector system for separation, detection and identification of nuclear reaction products in wide range of masses (5-150) and charges (1-60).

The magnetic optical system consists of the MSP-144 magnet and a doublet of quadrupole lenses. This allows to increase the solid angle of the spectrometer by an order of magnitude up to 30 msr. The magnetic analyzer will have a high momentum resolution (10-4) and high focal-plane dispersion (1.9 m). It will allow products of nuclear reactions at energies up to 30 MeV/nucleon to be detected with the charge resolution ~1/60.

General view of the MAVR high-resolution magnetic analyzer

The MULTI detecting system is being developed for the MAVR magnetic analyzer to allow detection of nuclear reaction products and their identification by charge Q, atomic number Z, and mass A with a high absolute accuracy. The identification will be performed by measuring the energy loss (ΔE), time of flight (TOF), and total kinetic energy (TKE) of reaction products. The particle trajectories in the analyzer will also be determined using the drift chamber developed jointly with GANIL.

Focal plane detector system

The MAVR analyzer will operate both in primary beams of heavy ions and in beams of radioactive nuclei delivered by the U400 and U400M accelerator complexes. It will also be used for measuring energy spectra of nuclear reaction products and as an energy monochromator.

MAVR Setup (fragment)


FIRST EXPERIMENT (December 2018)