Grzegorz Kaminski

 FLNR Deputy Director

PhD in Physics

Phone:  (7-49621) 6 50 08 


Date and place of birth:: 12 March 1979, Przysucha, Poland

Education, degrees:

1998-2003 Faculty of Physics, Jan Kochanowski Universityin Kielce

2013 Doctor of Physics (“Analysis of production mechanisms of forward emitted fragments with 2  ≤  Z  ≤  12 in nucleus–nucleus collisions in the Fermi energy domain”)

Professional career:

2003‒2019 Junior Researcher, Researcher, Senior Researcher, FLNR, JINR

Since 2020 Deputy Director for scientific and organizational activities, FLNR

Scientific and organizational activities:

Since 2015 Member of the Science and Technology Council of FLNR

Scientific interests:

Experimental nuclear physics, gaseous detectors, fragmentation reaction mechanisms, nuclear reaction codes, study of reaction kinematics, velocity and energy dissipation at intermediate energy reactions, study of beta-decay properties (half-lives and beta-delayed proton-emission probabilities), beta-delayed spectroscopy, production of radioactive ion beams, in-flight separators (ACCULINNA-2); beta-delayed particle detection (Optical Time Projection Chamber spectrometer), neutron detectors (stilbene crystals array), beam diagnostics (ionization beam profile monitor), Active Target Time Projection Chamber.

Scientific works:

Co-author of more than 40 scientific publications

Prizes and awards:

2017 JINR First Prize in Physics Instruments and Methods for the paper “EXPERT — EXotic Particle Emission and Radioactivity by Tracking”