First experiments at ACCULINNA-2 fragment-separator

First experiments with 6He and 9Li on CD2 target were carried out at ACCULINNA-2 in spring 2018.

Intensive 6He and 9Li RIBs were produced in fragmentation reaction

15N (49.7 AMeV) + Be (2 mm).

The 6He + d experiment, aimed at the study of elastic and inelastic scattering in a wide angular range (θcm = 25 ÷ 130 deg.) showed a good statistics during a two-week exposition.

Another experiment was with 6He projectile and took a week. The (d,3He) reaction was chosen to populate the 5H ground and exited states.

The idea of the third experiment was to study the low-lying states of 10Li populated in the reaction
9Li(d,p)10Li → n+9Li.