“ACCULINNA-2  first radioactive ion beams and the first experiments program” 

On April 13, 2017 the FLNR Scietific Seminar devoted to this remarkable event was held in the Laboratory under the chairmanship of Academician Yu.Ts.Oganessian, FLNR Scientific Leader. Some members of JINR Directorate took part in the event as well. 

The results of the test experiments were reported by S.A.Krupko A.S.Fomichev and L.V.Grigorenko presented the new setup first experiments program as well as a plan for further development of the FLNR exotic nuclei experimental facilities for the current and the next seven year periods. State of affairs of U400M accelerator upgrade as ACCULINNA-2 high intensity primary beam source was discussed (G.G.Gulbekian, B.N.Gikal, S.L.Bogomolov) 

Academician V.A.Matveev congratulated the FLNR researchers on the success. 

In March 2017 ACCULINNA-2   basic setup for radioactive ion beam production was put into operation at U400M heavy ion accelerator. The results of the test experiments agree very well with the design parameters.

The principal stages of U400M+ACCULINNA-2 accelerator complex development up to the end of JINR current seven years plan and its vistas for 2023-2030 years was presented in the reports and brought up for the discussion.