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    U400 is designed for production of accelerated ion beams of atomic mass in the range A=4 ÷ 209 and energy 3 ÷ 29 MeV/nuclon. U400 isochronous cyclotron has been in operation since 1978 [1]. Cyclotron is 4m in diameter, D=4 m, with K=650 energy factor. Charge exchange technique is used for beam extraction. Axial injection channel with external ion source has been in operation at U400 since 1996.

    Up to 1996 PIG Ion Source was used at cyclotron for ion production. In 1996 ECR-4M ion source made in France, Ganil was installed at U400. It's for this ion source that 'ECR-4M to U400 center' ion axial injection system has been created [1,2].


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    Parameter Value
    Magnet weight 2100 Tn
    Magnet pole diameter 4 m
    Main Magnet supply power 850 kW
    Magnetic field level 1.93÷ 2.1 T
    Finite radius section angular size 420
    Finite radius section gap 45 mm
    Valley pole gap 350 mm
    Number of dees 2
    Dee voltage 80 kV
    Range of accelerated A/Z 5÷12
    Acceleration frequency range 5.42÷12.2 MHz
    Accelerating field harmonic 2
    Finite radius of acceleration 1.72 m
    Energy factor K 305÷650
    Operating vacuum (1÷5) x 10-7 Torr
    Beam extraction By charge exchange
    Number of output directions 2

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      1. Yu. Ts. Oganessian, G.G. Gulbekyan, B.N. Gikal, I.V. Kalagin, “STATUS REPORT OF THE U400 CYCLOTRON AT THE FLNR JINR” in Proc. of APAC2004 Int. Conf., Gyeongju, Korea, 2004, pp. 52-54, http://apac04.postech.ac.kr/Proceedings/PAPERS/MOP10001.PDF

      2. Yu.Ts.Oganessian,G.G.Gulbekian, B.N.Gikal, M.El-Shazly et al.,”Axial injection system for the U-400 cyclotron with the ECR-4M ion source”, in JINR FLNR sci. rep.1995-1996, Heavy Ion Physics, pp. 270-276, Dubna 1997

      Contact person:

      Vaganov Roman Evgenievich
      Chief of U400 accelerator complex

      Telephone: (7 49621) 6 46 01

      Fax: (7 49621) 6 50 83

      E-mail : vaganov@nrmail.jinr.ru

    Vaganov Roman Evgenievich