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    U200 isochronous cyclotron is designed for production of nuclear beams of A/Z=2.8 ÷ 5 from D to Ne accelerated up to the energy of 145 Z2 A MeV (A- atomic weight of the accelerated ion; Z - ion charge when accelerated).

    Arc discharging in magnetic field, PIG–ion source is used in cyclotron for ion production.



    Parameter Value
    Magnet diameter 2.0 m
    Magnet weight 200 Tn
    Number of sections 4 (of 450)
    Valley/hill gaps 15/6 cm
    Avarage magnetic field 2.0 T
    Number of dees/angle 2/450
    Accelerating voltage 70kV
    HF-alternator available capacity 80kW
    HF wave band 14.2-21.8 MHz
    Working HF for A/Z=4 15.1 MHz
    HF voltage accelerating harmonic 2
    Vacuum volume 4 m3
    Chamber operating vacuum (1÷2) x 10-6 Torr
    Beam extraction
    radius 86 cm
    procedure recharging foil, 1 wind
    recharge factor, Z1/Z2 2
    emittance, vert./horiz.,mm·mrad 10π /30π

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    B.N. Gikal et al., "U200 CYCLOTRON OPERATING EXPERIENCE AND UPGRADE". JINR preprint, 9-83-311, Dubna, 1983

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