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V e r a  K i r i l l o v n a  S e m i n a

Phone:     62719

Email:     semina@lxmx00.jinr.ru

Position:     Research Scientist, Candidate of Science

Center of Applied Physics


4 articles found:

1 . Wilczysniewski R., Semina V.Thermal properties of manganin dynamic high-pressure sensor after Ti-Kr high fluence implantation, modelling and interpretation, VACUUM , ISSN 0042-207X , eISSN1879-2715 , Elsevier Science Ltd., V.83, N1, p.268-270, 2009

2 . Winska T., Semina V.K. The influence of krypton and bismuth-krypton implantation on manganin sensitivity to temperature and hydrostatic pressure,High Pressure Research , ISSN0895-7959 , eISSN1477-2299 , Taylor & Francis, V.27, N1, p.193-199, 2007,

3 . Didyk A.Yu., Hofman A., Savin V.V., Semina V.K., Hajewska E., Szteke W., Starosta W.The behavior of amorphous alloys under swift heavy ion irradiation at room temperature. Nukleonika. International Journal of Nuclear Research , ISSN0029-5922, Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, V.50, N4, p.149-152, 2005,

4 . Cheblukov Yu.N., Didyk A.Yu., Semina V.K., Hofman A., Starosta W. The influence of defect structure on the surface sputtering of metals under irradiation of swift heavy ion in the inelastic energy loss region. Nukleonika. International Journal of Nuclear Research , ISSN0029-5922 , Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, V.49, N1, p.15-21,2004,

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