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O l g a  V i k t o r o v n a  S e m c h e n k o v a

Phone:     64167

Email:     osemch@jinr.ru

Position:     Junior Research Scientist

Scientific and Technical accelerator department


8 articles found:

1 . A.G. Artukh, A. Budzanowski, G. Kaminski, W. Kantor, S.A. Klygin, E. Kozik, O.V. Semchenkova, Yu.M. Sereda, J. Szmider, Yu.G. Teterev and A.N. Vorontsov QMD approach in description of the 18O + 9Be and 18O + 181Ta reactions at Eproj = 35 AMeV,Acta Physica Polonica B , ISSN 0587-4254 , eISSN 1509-5770 , Jagellonian University, 37, 6, 1875-1892, 2006,

2 . G. G. Gulbekian, I.A. Ivanenko, O.G. Filatov, J. Franko, V.P. Kukhtin, E.A. Lamzin, E.V. Samsonov, A.G. Semchenkov, O.V. Semchenkova, S.E. Sytchevsky, S.N. DmitrevA method of the magnetic field formation in cyclotron DC-72, Nukleonika, International Journal of Nuclear Research, Volume 48, Number 4-2003, p. 207-210,

3 . A.G. Artukh, A. Budzanowski, F. Koscielniak, E. Kozik, V.P. Kukhtin, E.V. Lamzin, A.G. Semchenkov, O.V. Semchenkova, Yu.M. Sereda, V.A. Shchepunov, S.E. Sytchevsky, J. Szmider and etc.Reconstruction of 3-dimensional magnetic fields of the strong focusing separator COMBAS,Nukleonika, 48, 2, 49-53, 2003

4 . A.G. Artukh, A.G. Semchenkov, V.A. Shchepunov, G.F. Gridnev, O.V. Semchenkova, Yu.M. Sereda, Yu.G. Teterev, A. Budzanowski, F. Koscielniak, J. Szmider, V.P. Kukhtin, E.V. Lamzin, Y etc. The FLNR JINR wide aperture separator COMBAS,Nucl. Instr.& Meth. B, 204, 159-165, 2003

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6 . G.G.Gulbekian, I.A.Ivanenko, O.G.Filatov, J. Franko, V.P.Kukhtin, E.A.Lamzin, E. V.Samsonov, A.G.Semchenkov, O.V.Semchenkova, S.E.Sytchevsky, S.N.Dmitriev The method of the magnetic field formation in cyclotron DC-72, Nukleonika. International Journal of Nuclear Research , ISSN 0029-5922 , Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, 48, 4, 207-210, 2003

7 . A.G. Artukh, A.G. Semchenkov, G.F. Gridnev, M. Gruszecki, F. Koscielniak, O.V. Semchenkova, Yu.M. Sereda, V.A. Shchepunov, J. Szmider, Yu.G. Teterev, Yu.P. Severgin, B.V. Rozhdestv etc. 3D magnetic measurements of the combined function magnets in separator COMBAS, Nucl.Instr.& Meth. A, 479, 467-486, 2002

8 . A.G. Artukh, G.F. Gridnev, M. Gruszecki, F. Koscielniak, A.G. Semchenkov, O.V. Semchenkova, Yu.M. Sereda, I. Szmider and Yu.G. Teterev Some regularities in the beam-direct production of isotopes with 2x61603,11 induced in reactions of 18O(35 A MeV) with Be and Ta, Nuclear Physics A, 701, 96-99, 2002

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