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Position:     Head of group

Center of Applied Physics


24 articles found:

1 . P.Yu. Apel, P. Ramirez, I.V. Blonskaya, O.L. Orelovich, B. Sartowska. Accurate characterization of single track-etched, conical nanopores. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2014. 16. 15214-15223.

2 . P. Apel, I. Blonskaya, A. Fedotov, O.Orelovich, V. Skuratov, J. Vacik, K.-O. Voss, S. Dmitriev. Engineered ion-track membranes for micro- and nanofluidics. Proc. Intern. Conf. on Ion Transport in Organic and Inorganic Membranes (Krasnodar, 28 May- 2 June, 2012), pp 16-18.

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