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K i r i l l  V l a d i m i r o v i c h  N o v i k o v

Phone:     62167

Email:     kiryuha-ya@mail.ru

Position:     Junior Research Scientist

Dynamics of heavy nuclei interaction


4 articles found:

1 . E. M. Kozulin, V. I. Zagrebaev, G. N. Knyazheva, I. M. Itkis, K. V. Novikov, M. G. Itkis, S. N. Dmitriev, I. M. Harca, A. E. Bondarchenko, A. V. Karpov, V. V. Saiko E. Vardaci, Inverse quasifission in the reactions 156,160Gd + 186W, Physical Review C, ISSN:0556-2813, eISSN:1089-490X, American Physical Society, To be published 2017, 2017

2 . E. M. Kozulin, G. N. Knyazheva, K. V. Novikov, I. M. Itkis, M. G. Itkis, S. N. Dmitriev, Yu. Ts. Oganessian, A. A. Bogachev, N. I. Kozulina, I. Harca, W. H. Trzaska, and T. K. Ghos et al., Fission and quasifission of composite systems with Z = 108−120: Transition from heavy-ion reactions involving S and Ca to Ti and Ni ions, Physical Review C Nuclear Physics, ISSN:0556-2813, eISSN:1089-490x, The American Physical Society, 94, 054613-9, 2016

3 . E. M. Kozulin, G. N. Knyazheva, S. N. Dmitriev, I. M. Itkis, M. G. Itkis, T. A. Loktev, K. V. Novikov, A. N. Baranov, W. H. Trzaska, E. Vardaci, S. Heinz, O. Beliuskina, S. V. Khle et al., Shell effects in damped collisions of 88Sr with 176Yb at the Coulomb barrier energy, Physical Review C Nuclear Physics, ISSN 0556-2813, eISSN 1089-490x, American Institute of Physics, USA, C, 89, 014614(1)-014614(5), 2014,

4 . E.M.Kozulin, E.Vardaci, G.N.Knyazheva, A.A.Bogachev, S.N.Dmitriev, I.M.Itkis, M.G.Itkis, A.G.Knyazev, T.A.Loktev, K.V.Novikov, E.A.Razinkov, O.V.Rudakov, S.V.Smirnov, W.Trzaska, V.I.Zagrebaev. Mass distributions of the system 136Xe + 208Pb at lab energies around the Coulomb barrier - a candidate reaction for production of neutron-rich nuclei at N=126,Physical Review C, ISSN 0556-2813, eISSN 1089-490X, American Physical Society, 86, 4, 044611-044619, 2012,

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