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G e n n a d i i  V l a d i m i r o v i c h  M i s h i n s k y

Phone:     63659

Email:     mysh@lnr.jinr.ru

Position:     Research Scientist

Group of selective laser ionization and separation of nuclear reaction products


4 articles found:

1 . A. Yu. Didyk, G. G. Gulbekian, G. V. Mishinskiy, R.Wisniewski, A Study of Changes in the Element Composition and Structure of Surfaces under Irradiation of Dense Xenon Gas (270 bar) by ?-Rays with a Maximum Energy of 10 MeV, Journal of Physical Science and Application, ISSN:2159-5348, David Publishing Company, 6, 18-28, 2016

2 . V.I. Zagrebaev, Yu.G. Teterev, V.I. Zhemenik, G.V. Mishinsky, S.V. Mitrofanov, S.N. Dmitriev Investigation of 6He yield in 7Li(gamma,p) reaction with 22 MeV electron beam,Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Letters, ISSN 1814-5957, eISSN 1814-5973, JINR, Publishing Department, 7, 2, 127-131, 2010,

3 . Tran Duc Thiep, Truong Thi An, Nguen The Vinh, Phan Viet Cuong, Yu.P.Gangrski, Iu.E.Penionzhkevitch, G.V.MishinskiDetermination of the isomeric ratio in fission fragment 135Xe by using the inert gaseous flow, Communications in Physics, Vol.16, N3, p.177-186, 2006,

4 . Gangrsky Yu.P, Karaivanov D.V., Marinova K.P., Markov B.N., Melnikova L.M., Mishinsky G.V., Penionzhkevich Yu.E., Zemlyanoi S.G., Zhemenik V.I. Perspectives of the study of fission fragments structure on the bremsstrahlung beams in project DRIBSs (Dubna), Mongolian Physical Journal, 179, 39-42, 2003

For more G.Mishinsky′s publications, visit JINR database search tool: http://pin.jinr.ru/

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