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D m i t r i y  A l e x a n d r o v i c h  K y s l u k h a

Phone:     64766

Email:     kyslukha@jinr.ru

Position:     Engineer

Ion-implantation nanotechnology and radiation materials science


2 articles found:

1 . B. Erdemchimeg, A. G. Artukh, S. Davaa, S. A. Klygin, G. A. Kononenko, G. Khuukhenkhuu, D. A. Kyslukha, S. M. Lukyanov, T. I. Mikhailova, Yu. M. Sereda, Yu. E. Penionzhkevich, A et al.TOTAL REACTION CROSS SECTIONS MEASUREMENT FOR 6,8He AND 8,9Li NUCLEI WITH ENERGIES OF (25–45) ? A MeV ON natAl AND natPb,BULLETIN OF THE RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES: PHYSICS, 80, 3, 223-226, 2016

2 . A. G. Artukh, Yu. M. Sereda, S. A. Klygin, G. A. Kononenko, Yu. G. Teterev, A. N. Vorontzov, G. Kaminski, B. Erdemchimeg, V. V. Ostashko Yu. N. Pavlenko, P. G. Litovchenko, V.E. Kovtun, E. I. Koshchiy, A. G. Foshchan, and D. A. Kislukha The COMBAS Fragment Separator, Instruments and Experimental Techniques, ISSN 0020-4412, eISSN 1608-3180, MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd, 54, 5, pp. 668-681, 2011,

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