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M a x i m  V a d i m o v i c h  K h a b a r o v

Phone:     64144

Email:     khabarov@jinr.ru

Position:     Head of group

Scientific and Technical accelerator department


3 articles found:

1 . N. Yu. Kazarinov and V. I. Kazacha, Forming a Uniform Distribution of Heavy Ions on a Moving Target, Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Letters, ISSN:1814-5957, eISSN:1814-5973, JINR, Publishing Department, 14, 1, 209-222, 2017

2 . B. Gikal, S. Dmitriev, G. Gulbekian, P. Apel, V. Bashevoi, S. Bogomolov, O. Borisov, V. Buzmakov, A. Cherevatenko, A. Efremov, I. Ivanenko, O. Ivanov, N. Kazarinov, M. Khabarov, I etc. IC100 Cyclotron based Facility for Production of Nuclear Filters as well as for Scientific and Applied Research, ISSN 1562-6016 , NSC KhPTI, 5, 50, 24-27, 2008

3 . Yu.Ts.Oganessian, V.A.Shchepunov, S.N.Dmitriev, M.G.Itkis, G.G.Gulbekian, M.V.Khabarov, V.V.Bekhterev, S.L.Bogomolov, A.A.Efremov, S.V.Pashenko, S.V.Stepantsov, A.V.Eremin, M.I.Yav etc.The project of the mass separator of atomic nuclei produced in heavy ion induced reactions.,Nuclear Instruments and Methods B, B204, 606-613, 2003,

For more M.Khabarov′s publications, visit JINR database search tool: http://pin.jinr.ru/

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