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V l a d i m i r  P a n t e l e i m o n o v i c h  D o m a n o v

Phone:     63431

Email:     domanov@jinr.ru

Position:     Senior Research Scientist, Candidate of Science

Chemistry of transactinides


4 articles found:

1 . V.P. Domanov. Possibility of Generation of Octavalent Curium in the Gas Phase in the Form of Volatile Tetraoxide CmO4,Radiochemistry, ISSN 1066-3622, Pleiades Publishing, Inc., 2013, 55, 1, 46-51, 2013,

2 . V.P. Domanov and Yu.V. Lobanov Formation of Volatile Curium(VI) Trioxide CmO3, Radiochemistry, ISSN 1066-3622, Pleiads Publishing, Inc., 2011, 53, 5, 453-456, 2011,

3 . V.P. Domanov, Yu.V. Lobanov Refined data on the PuO4 volatility,Advances in Nuclear and Radiochemistry, 3, 64, 2004,

4 . V.P.Domanov, G.V.Buklanov, Yu.V. Lobanov Exotic new oxides of plutonium found by using the gas thermochromatographic method.,Nucl. Sci. Technology, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, Suppl. 3, 3, 579-584, 2002

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