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    DC280 cyclotron, a stand-alone SHE-factory

  • Commissioning of DC-280 cyclotron complex
    (JINR TV, July 12, 2018)

    FLNR JINR DC-280 cyclotron complex. Commissioning of all systems is under way.
    JINR SI Department

    Creation of SHE factory based on the high-intensity universal DC-280 cyclotron (A ≤ 238, E ≤ 10 MeV·A, I ≤ 20 pµA) in a new separate experimental building is a part of the DRIBs-III project according to the Seven-Year Plan for the Development of JINR 2010-2016 approved by the Committee of Plenipotentiaries of the Governments of the JINR Member States (CPP) in November 2009.

    The SuperHeavy Element Factory will increase the overall production of super-heavy nuclei by one-two orders of magnitude with respect to presently achieved rates. This will enable the studies of nuclear /atomic structure of heaviest atoms and open the door to the discoveries of new elements above Z=118 and of isotopes closer to the predicted shell closure at N=184.

    SHE Factory Goals

    Experiments at the extremely low (σ<100 fb) cross sections:

    • Synthesis of new SHE in reactions with 50Ti, 54Cr ...;

    • Synthesis of new isotopes of SHE;

    • Study of decay properties of SHE;

    • Study of excitation functions.

    Experiments requiring high statistics:

    • Nuclear spectroscopy of SHE;

    • Precise mass measurements;

    • Study of chemical properties of SHE.

  • DC280 cyclotron, a stand-alone SHE-factory

  • Synthesis and study of properties of superheavy elements;

  • Search for new reactions for SHE-synthesis;

  • Chemistry of new elements;
  • DC-280 (expected)
    E=4 - 8 MeV/A
    Ion Ion
    7Li 4 1x1014
    18O 8 1x1014
    40Ar 5 6x1013
    48Ca 5 0,6-1,2x1014
    54Cr 5 2x1013
    58Fe 5 1x1013
    124Sn 5 2x1012
    136Xe 5 1x1014
    238U 7 5x1010

    DC280 cyclotron main parameters

    Ion source DECRIS-4 - 14GHz
    DECRIS-SC3 - 18GHz
    Injecting beam potential Up to 100kV
    A/Z range 4÷7
    Energy 4÷8 MeV/n
    Magnetic field level 0.6÷1.35T
    K factor 280
    Gap between plugs 400 mm
    Valley/hill gap 500/208 mm/mm
    Magnet weight 1000t
    Magnet power 300 kW
    Dee voltage 2x130 kV
    RF power consumption 2x30 kW
    Flat-top dee voltage 2x14 kV

  • Main setups:

    • Gas-filled recoil separator (DGFRS-II);
    • Preseparator for chemical investigations;
    • Separator for Heavy Element Spectroscopy: velocity filter SHELS;
    • Mass Analyzer of SuperHeavy Atoms (MASHA)
    • Channels reserved for external users
  • SHE Factory Project progress

  • SHE Factory building on November 14,2016

  • Assembly of DC-280 cyclotron magnet is almost completed
    (JINR TV, November 14, 2016)


  • DC-280 cyclotron magnet is ready to be tested
    (JINR TV, February 09, 2017)


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