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    June 2017

    22.06.2017 - FLNR STAD Scientific Seminar "Simulation of Ion Beam Extraction from ECR Ion Sources." 11-00, Flerov Lab, b.131, room 250, second floor.

    Speaker: Mironov V.E.

    13.06.2017 - FLNR Scientific Seminar "Simulation and analysis of few-nucleon reactions to acquire data on NN-interaction low energy parameters.", 15-30 Flerov Lab Conference Hall.

    Speaker: Kasparov A.A., INR RAS, (On Candidate thesis)

    This thesis is about the new approaches to acquisition of data on NN-interaction low energy parameters in reactions with formation and breakup of NN-virtual states. A number of computer programs for kinematic simulation of nuclear reactions with any amount of secondary particles as well as some accessory programs for experiment simulation based on kinematic simulation are described here. Some nuclear reactions were calculated with these programs. Special consideration was given to the simulation of d + 2H --> (nn)s + (pp)s --> p + p + n + n reaction forming singlet diproton and dineutron in the intermediate stage. The experimental setup based on d + 2H --> p + p + n + n reaction simulation is described. The results of experimental study of this reaction are given. Comparison of d + 2H --> p + p + n + n reaction experimental data and the simulation results gave ann=-22.2+-0.6 fm nn-scattering length in this reaction.

    08.06.2017 - FLNR STAD Scientific Seminar "Radioactive Ion Beam project and Isotope Production Facility for iThemba LABS. Current status and Future Prospects.", 11-00, Flerov Lab, b.131, room 250, second floor.

    Speaker: J.Conradie, Head of the department of accelerators and engineering (iThemba LABS, Somerset West, South Africa)

    iThemba LABS is a multidisciplinary research institute that provides accelerator-based facilities for physical, biomedical and material sciences, treatment of cancer patients with neutrons and protons and the production of radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals.
    The demand for beam time by the 3 main users namely, radioisotope production, nuclear physics research and medical applications, by far exceeds the available time. A feasibility study for a new radioactive ion beam and radioisotope production facility at iThemba LABS is in progress. A dedicated isotope production facility is proposed, which will free the existing K=200 separated sector cyclotron facility for nuclear physics research with stable beams. The K=200 cyclotron will be used as driver for the production of radioactive beams. An overview of the proposed facilities will be given.

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