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October 2020

23.10.2020 - FLNR Scientific and Technical Council Meeting, 15-30, online through WebEx.


  • JINR Prize nominations
  • – Study of probability of formation and decay of superheavy systems depending on reaction Coulomb factor Z1Z2 at energies near the Coulomb barrier (Experimental research)
    Authors: E. M. Kozulin, A. N. Bogachev, I. V. Vorobyov, M. G. Itkis, J. M. Itkis, G. N. Knyazheva, D. Kumar, K. V. Novikov, A. Pan, I. V. Pchelintsev
    Speaker: G. N. Knyazheva

    – MAVR-resolution magnetic analyzer for studies of characteristics of nuclear reactions (Instruments and Methods)
    Authors: V. A. Maslov, Yu. E. Penionzhkevich, D. Aznabaev, S. M. Lukianov, N. K. Skobelev, Yu. G. Sobolev, I. V. Kolesov, S. V. Pashchenko, G. G. Gulbekian, M. V. Khabarov
    Speaker: V. A. Maslov

    – Development of experimental techniques at the ACCULINNA-2 fragment separator (Instruments and Methods)
    Authors: A. A. Bezbakh, M. S. Golovkov, A. V. Gorshkov, S. A. Krupko, I. A. Muzalevsky, E. Yu. Nikolsky, G. M. Ter-Akopian, A. S. Fomichev, V. Chudoba, G. Kaminsky
    Speaker: S. A. Krupko

    – Experimental study and multiscale modelling of latent track structure in radiation-resistant dielectrics (Applied research)
    Authors: V. A. Skuratov, R. A. Rymzhanov, A. E. Volkov, A. D. Ibraeva, N. S. Kirilkin, N. Medvedev, J. O’Connell, A. Janse van Vuuren, J. Niitling, M. V. Zdorovets
    Speaker: V. A. Skuratov

    – Development of the theory of light nuclei low-energy reactions based on new non-stationary approach (Theoretical Physics)
    Authors: V. V. Samarin, M. A. Naumenko, A. K. Azhibekov
    Speaker: V. V. Samarin

  • Discussion of the FLNR STC opinion on V. V. Saiko's Candidate of Physics and Mathematics thesis.

20.10.2019 - FLNR Scientific Seminar "Synthesis of neutron-excess isotopes of heavy and superheavy elements in multinucleon transfer reactions" (on Candidate thesis), 15-30, online through WebEx.
This seminar annotation, thesis abstract and link to join the conference are here.
Speaker: Saiko Vyacheslav Vladimirovich


A series of virtual seminars dedicated to the studies of SHE starts on October 13.2020 at 1pm GMT.

  • Last month seminars