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      October 2017

      05.09.2017 - FLNR Scientific Seminar "Exploration of the 60Ca region", 15-30 Flerov Lab Conference Hall.

      Speaker: O.B. Tarasov, National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 48824, USA

      Increased beam intensities at NSCL, RIKEN, and new facilities like FRIB in the future, coupled with advances in experimental techniques, such as the use of a two-stage separator, will allow observation of many new nuclei along the neutron drip-line. In a recent experiment production cross sections for a large number of neutron-rich nuclei produced from the fragmentation of 48Ca (140 and 345 MeV/u), 76Ge (130 MeV/u), 82Se (139 MeV/u), and 70Zn (345 MeV/u), beams were measured in RIKEN and NSCL. These experiments identified more than 30 new isotopes of the elements 11 ≤ Z ≤ 26. Systematic trends observed in the production cross sections changes in the nuclear mass surface, that can be explained with a shell model that predicts a subshell closure at N=34 around Z=20. This talk will present:

    • Results from the recent experiment at RIKEN using a 70Zn beam aimed at the search for new isotopes in the 60Ca region.

    • Secondary reactions in the production target may be significant contributors. Results from different experiments on secondary reactions will be presented.

      Evidence that trends in production cross sections near the driplines can be modeled by new dBE production cross section systematics, which can be based on predicted binding energies.

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