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March 2018

29.03.2018 - FLNR Scientific Seminar "Exotic nuclei, past, present and future", 11-00, Flerov Lab Conference Hall

Speaker: Björn Jonson, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden

FLNR Scientific Seminar

I will give a travel through time starting with the first on-line experiment at ISOLDE. CERN, which took place on October 16, 1967. I will then give some milestones in the study of exotic nuclei until to situation we have today where this field of sciences is very active. We witness today a very intense activity in upgrade and building new radioactive beams facilities worldwide.

22.03.2018 - FLNR Scientific Seminar "Nonparametric method of low statistics testing of exponential distributions "purity", 15-30, Flerov Lab Conference Hall

Speaker: V.B.Zlokazov, LIT JINR

Some novel physical experiments result in a very small set of data and very scarce a priori information on distribution function parameters (synthesis of superheavy elements is a typical example).

Nonparametric methods are used for analysis of such data. They are low-sensitive to the data statistics and to the amount of information on distribution parameters. This work offers such nonparametric criteria to verify distribution "purity" - the sample median/mean ratio.

This criteria works very well for testing of exponential distribution "purity". But it may be applied to many other distributions as well and first of all to normal distribution.

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