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    Year 2014

    Synthesis and Properties of Nuclei at the Stability Limits

    Leader:    M.G. Itkis
    Scientific leader:   Yu.Ts. Oganessian

    Scientific Programme:
    Synthesis and investigation of properties of nuclei at limits of stability. Investigation of the mechanisms of heavy-ion-induced reactions. Study of physical and chemical properties of heavy and superheavy elements.

    Expected main results in 2014:

    • Conducting experiments on the synthesis of neutron-deficient isotopes of superheavy elements Cn - Fl and element 118 in the reactions with 48Ca ions, data processing and analysis of results.

    • Completion of experiments aimed at measuring the multiplicity of prompt neutrons from the spontaneous fission of No and Rf isotopes. Alpha-, beta-, end gamma-ray spectroscopy of No and Rf isotopes using the SHELS separator (modernized VASSILISSA set-up) + GABRIELA. Development of the detection system of the separator.

    • Conducting experiments on chemical identification of element 113.

    • Direct identification of the isotope 283Cn obtained in the 48Ca + 238U reaction at the MASHA separator.

    • Investigation of the properties of new neutron-rich heavy nuclei formed in multinucleon transfer reactions ( 136Xe + 208Pb, 248Cm, 160Gd + 186W). Study of exotic fission modes of heavy and superheavy nuclei ( 36S + 186W, 32S + 238U). Study of the multicluster decay of heavy nuclei.

    • Study of the structure of light nuclei 9,10He, 10,11Li using radioactive beams and a tritium target.

    • Experiments aimed at studying the characteristics of nuclear reactions induced by low-bound nuclei with the cluster structures (stable and secondary radioactive beams) at the energies near the Coulomb barrier. Design and manufacture of a focal plane detector and the time-of-flight system for the high-resolution magnetic analyzer (MAVR).

    • Theoretical studies of mechanisms of heavy-ion-induced reactions.

    • Development of the knowledge base on nuclear physics accessible through the internet.

    From 03-5-1094-2010/2014 item of the Topical plan for JINR research and international cooperation 2014.

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