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    Year 2008

    Synthesis of New Nuclei and Study of Nuclear Properties and Heavy-Ion Reaction Mechanisms

    Project leader:    M.G. Itkis
    Project scientific leader:   Yu.Ts. Oganessian

    Scientific Programme:
    Synthesis and investigation of nuclear and chemical properties of new elements. Investigation of nuclei close to the nucleon drip line. Experimental and theoretical study of mechanisms of nuclear interactions and of the decay of heavy compound nuclei. Investigation of the dynamics of spontaneous and induced fission. Nuclear and laser spectroscopy studies of heavy isotopes.

    Expected main results in 2008:

    • Study of the complete fusion reactions 50Ti+ 244Pu, leading to the synthesis of isotopes of element with Z=116 using the Gas-filled separator with the sensitivity of 0.5 pb.

    • Experiments on chemical isolation and identification of the new elements with Z=112 and 114 produced in 48Ca + 244Pu using a cryodetector system. Performing of experiments on the search for superheavy elements in osmium samples.

    • Study of energy, mass and angular distributions of fission and quasifission fragments in coincidence with gamma-quanta and neutrons in 36S + (actinide targets) reactions using the CORSET+DEMON set-up.

    • Investigation of exotic spontaneous and induced fission modes of heavy nuclei using the upgraded MiniFOBOS set-up.

    • α-, β- and γ-spectroscopy of Rf isotopes produced in asymmetric heavy ion induced reactions at the VASSILISSA+GABRIELA set-up.
      R&D of a separator at the beam of U400M for spectroscopic investigations of heavy isotopes.

    • Investigation of the symmetric fusion reaction 136Xe + 136Xe, leading to the formation of Hs (Z=108) isotopes.

    • Investigation of structure of 10Ia, 5,7H, 16,17Ne formed in direct reactions using the high resolution beam line ACCULINNA.

    • Experiments on the study of subbarrier fusion and transfer reactions of 6He and 6Li using multidetector spectrometers, investigation of elastic and inelastic scattering of 6He using gamma-quanta and neutron detectors.

    • Charge radii measurements of actinide isotopes using laser spectroscopy.

    • Launching of the MASHA separator at the beam of U400MR.

    • Theoretical study of mechanisms of heavy ion induced reactions.

    • Developing, filling and supporting the knowledge base on nuclear physics allocated in the Web.

    From 03-5-1004-94/2009 item of the Topical plan for JINR research and international cooperation in 2008.

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