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Founded on May 20, 1957

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    Year 2018

    Radiation Physics, Radiochemistry, and Nanotechnology Investigations Using Beams of Accelerated Heavy Ions

    Leaders:   S.N. Dmitriev
    P.Yu. Apel

    Participating Countries and International Organizations:
    Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam.
    Scientific Programme:
    Transition to a new level of research and development in the fields of radiation solid state physics, applied radiochemistry and materials science, with a prospect of to nanotechnology applications. The main emphasis will be on the modification of the materials at the nanometer scale and on the study of the effects produced by heavy ions in matter with the aim of revealing the fundamental mechanisms and of the development of nanotechnology applications for ion beams. Modernization of the FLNR facilities for the production of medical isotopes and developement of materials modification methods.

    Expected main results in 2018:

    • Study of temperature dependence of latent track morphology in radiation resistant insulators.

    • Study of structural changes induced by heavy ions of fission fragment energy in oxide and carbide nanoparticles in oxide dispersion-strengthened alloys.

    • Study of the effect of high energy heavy ion irradiation on the helium and hydrogen agglomeration processes in ceramics and ODS alloys.

    • Development and investigation of filtration and sorption properties of track-etched membranes with inorganic (Ti, TiO2, and ZnO) coatings.

    • Study of sorption, diffusion, and osmotic processes in nanopores fabricated using ion track technology.

    • Development and study of SERS sensors based on track membranes modified with nanostrusctured layers of silver and silicon monoxide.

    • Investigation of properties of silver nanosuspensions obtained by electric discharge method as SERS-active coating for high sensitivity membrane sensors.

    • Application of nuclear physics analysis methods to investigate microelement composition of environment (Bulgaria, Mongolia, RSA).

    • Development of techniques for the synthesis and radiochemical extraction of radionuclides that have great potential for nuclear medicine and radioecology. Development of equipment and conducting of experiments with beams at the MT-25 microtron.

    From 04-5-1131-2017/2021 item of the Topical plan for JINR research and international cooperation 2018.

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