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    Year 2012

    Accelerator Complex of Ion Beams of Stable
    and Radioactive Nuclides (DRIBs-III)

    Leaders:    G.G. Gulbekian
       S.N. Dmitriev
       M.G. Itkis
    Scientific leader:   Yu.Ts. Oganessian

    Scientific Programme:
    Development of the FLNR cyclotron complex including a drastic extension of the experimental base of the Laboratory, development of acceleratot systems in order to increase the intensity and improve the quality of beams of stable and radioactive niclides in the energy range from 5 to 100 MeV/nucleon, as well as for the raising stability of the cyclotron operation and reducing their power consumption.

    Expected results in 2012:

    • Carrying out experiments with beams of 48Ca at the cyclotron U400.

    • Carrying out experiments with beams of intermediate mass ions of the energy of 6 - 15 MeV/nucleon at the cyclotron U400M.

    • Development of high effective technology of gaining intense ion beams of Ti and Fe from the ion sources.

    • Assortment of the main systems for the modernization of the cyclotron U400R.

    • Creation of equipment and carrying out of experiments with beams of the upgraded microtron MT25.

    • Development and testing of new methods intended for the diagnostics of the beams of stable and radioactive nuclides.

    • Optimization of the transport systems of beams of stable and radioactive nuclides.

    • Carrying out experiments with radioactive beams at the accelerators U400M and MT-25.

    • Development of a new experimental hall beam transportation systems, a high current accelerator and technical support systems.

    • Development of a new fragment separator ACCULINNA-2.

    • Modernization of the separator VASSILISSA, creation of a new facility - the velocity filter.

    • Development of the requirement documentation to design a new gas-filled separator.

    • Development of a gas catcher.

    • Development of a new separating facility based on stopping the reaction products in gas and their laser ionization.

    From 03-0-1095-2010/2014 item of the Topical plan for JINR research and international cooperation 2012.
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