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V a l e r y   I v a n o v i c h   Z a g r e b a e v

V.Zagrebaev Deputy Director of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions

Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics), Professor

Curriculum Vitae

Born: September 11, 1950, Stavropol, Kuibyshev region, USSR

Died: January 17, 2015, Dubna, Moscow region, Russia


1967 – 1973 Leningrad State University, Faculty of Physics, Department of Nuclear Reactions.
1979 Candidate of Science (PhD): "The processes with rearrangement of nucleons and structure of the optical model potential", Leningrad State University.
1990 Doctor of Science (Phys. and Math.): "Semiclassical theory of direct and deep inelastic processes of heavy ion collisions", Leningrad State University.
1993 Diploma of Professor.

Professional activity:

1973 – 1991 Junior research scientist, assistant, senior lecturer, ChSU, Tcheboksary, Russia
1991–1997 Professor of theoretical department, ChSU, Theboksary, Russia
1997–1999 Leading research scientist, FLNR, JINR
1999–2005 Head of theoretical and computational group, FLNR, JINR
2005–2007 Head of theoretical and computational sector, FLNR, JINR
Since 2007 Deputy director of the FLNR, JINR

Educational activities:

1980 – 1997 Assistant professor, Professor of Theoretical Physics Department, ChSU;
Since 2004 Professor of Nuclear Physics Department at "Dubna" International University of Nature, Society, Man

Membership and Editorship:

Member of the Academie of Europe (Academia Europaea)
Editor of International Journal of Modern Physics E

Scientific research interests:

low-energy nuclear reactions;
synthesis of superheavy elements;
deep inelastic scattering and fusion of heavy nuclei;
reactions with exotic radioactive nuclei;
short-wave approximation and wave catastrophes;
computer simulation of physics processes.

Scientific publications and achievements:

Author of more than 160 scientific papers (in most of them – the first or the only author).
Co-author of the discovery of new elements 113, 114, 115, 116 and 118 at FLNR, Dubna.

List of Publications


JINR awards:

1998 "Structure of 6He: di-neutron bound in the field of 4He" (with G. Ter-Akopian and others);
2002 "Experimental and theoretical study of fusion-fission processes of heavy nuclear systems" (with M. Itkis and others);
2007 "Sub-barrier fusion of neutron-rich nuclei and its astrophysical consequences".

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