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ATTENTION! * (asterisk) marked date is not a current date but a date of holding a seminar

December 2017

    29.12.2017 - Flerovlab NEW YEAR and CHRISTMAS holidays schedule:

29.12.2017 - Update of U400 accelerator operating schedule.

25.12.2017 - The first notice of 13th International Conference on Neucleus-Nucleus Collisions (NN2018),which will take place in Omiya, Saitama, Japan from 4th to 8th, December, 2018.

22.12.2017 - United Nations General Assembly proclaims 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements

20.12.2017* - FLNR Scientific Seminar "Study of exotic nuclei with Z<20 at DRIBS accelerator complex", 15-30, Flerov Lab Conference Hall

Speaker: A.S.Fomichev, (on Doctoral thesis)

18.12.2017* - FLNR Scientific Seminar "Mechanism of atomic nuclei interaction - formation and decay of heavy and super heavy systems", 15-30, Flerov Lab Conference Hall

Speaker: A.V.Karpov, (on Doctoral thesis)

14.12.2017* - FLNR CAP Scientific Seminar "Osmotic effects in "track" nanopores", 15-00, Flerov Lab Conference Hall

Speaker: P.Yu.Apel

01.12.2017 - Meeting of the RAS Council on Heavy Ion Physics, 15-30, the International Conference Hall.

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