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ATTENTION! * (asterisk) marked date is not a current date but a date of holding a seminar

June 2020

25.06.2020 - Sad news from France: Prof. Claude Détraz, outstanding scientist and dear friend of Dubna and JINR passed away on June 20, 2020. In memory of Claude Détraz.

14.06.2020 - JINR Directorate Official Information on JINR functioning since June 15, 2020.

05.06.2020 - "Physics. Modernisation. Construction... What else?" - S.I.Sidorchuk's interview (FLNR during pandemic quarantine)

01.06.2020 - JINR Directorate and JINR Operational Headquarters for preventing the spread of coronavirus infection official information on Prolongation of self-isolation regime (May 30, 2020).

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