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ATTENTION! * (asterisk) marked date is not a current date but a date of holding a seminar

June 2017

22.06.2017 - FLNR STAD Scientific Seminar "Simulation of Ion Beam Extraction from ECR Ion Sources." 11-00, Flerov Lab, b.131, room 250, second floor.

Speaker: Mironov V.E.

13.06.2017 - FLNR Scientific Seminar "Simulation and analysis of few-nucleon reactions for data on NN-interaction low energy parameters.", 15-30 Flerov Lab Conference Hall.

Speaker: Kasparov A.A., INR RAS, (On Candidate thesis)

08.06.2017 - FLNR STAD Scientific Seminar "Radioactive Ion Beam project and Isotope Production Facility for iThemba LABS. Current status and Future Prospects.", 11-00 Flerov Lab Conference Hall.

Speaker: J.Conradie, Head of the department of accelerators and engineering (iThemba LABS, Somerset West, South Africa)

01.06.2017 - Update of the DGFRS Home Page.

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