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Founded on May 20, 1957

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FLNR Laureates of JINR Prize

  • Year 2019

    I. Theoretical Physics

    Second Prize

    "Study of multinucleon transfer reactions as a method for production of new heavy and superheavy nuclei".
    Authors: A. Karpov, V. Saiko.

    II. Experimental Research

    First Prize

    "Detailed study of the structure of 6Be in the charge-exchange reaction 1(6Li, 6Be)n".
    Authors: V. Chudoba, L. Grigorenko, M. Golovkov, A. Gorshkov, S. Krupko, S. Sidorchuk, E. Nikolskii, G. Ter-Akopian, A. Fomichev, P. Sharov.

    III. Instruments and Methods

    First Prize

    "Development, construction and commissioning of the DC-280 cyclotron of the Factory of superheavy elements at FLNR, JINR".
    Authors:B. Gikal, G. Gulbekian, S. Dmitriev, I. Ivanenko, N. Kazarinov, I. Kalagin, N. Osipov, S. Pashchenko, N. Pchelkin, V. Semin.

    Incentive Prize

    "Features of population of isomeric states in reactions with weakly bound nuclei".
    Authors: N. Skobelev, Yu. Penionzhkevich, S. Lukyanov, Yu. Sobolev, V. Burjan, J. Mrázek, E. Šimečková, N. Demekhina.

  • Year 2018

  • FLNR Laureates of JINR Prize 2018-2019 for young scientists and specialists.