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Founded on May 20, 1957

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FLNR Laureates of JINR Prize

  • Year 2016

    II. Experimental Physics Research

    First Prize

    "Investigation of the spontaneous fission properties of short-lived isotopes of transfermium elements".
    Authors: A. Svirikhin, A. Yeremin, A. Popeko, O. Malyshev, V. Chepigin, A. Isaev, M. Chelnokov, E. Sokol, A. Andreev, Yu. Popov.

    III. Instruments and Methods

    First Prize

    "Investigation of exotic radioactive decays using vertex method: project EXPERT".
    Authors:A. Bezbakh, A. Gorshkov, L. Grigorenko, G. Kaminski, S. Krupko, I. Mukha, M. Pfutzner, R. Slepnev, A. Fomichev, V. Chudoba.

    Incentive Prize

    "Peculiarity of nuclear reaction mechanism by weakly bound light nuclei".
    Authors: S. Lukyanov, Yu. Sobolev, A. Denikin, V. Maslov, M. Naumenko, Yu. Penionzhkevich, V. Samarin, N. Skobelev, A. Kugler, J. Mrazek

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