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    GABRIELA (Gamma Alpha Beta Recoil Investigations with the ELectromagnetic Analyser) is a multi-detector array placed at the focal plane of the separator SHELS. Originally it consisted of four multichannel plates to detect the secondary electrons emitted due to the passage of separated evaporation residues (ER) through C foils thus providing an identification flag and a time-of-flight measurement.

    The ERs were then implanted in a position–sensitive 16–strip silicon detector (60 x 60 mm2) providing an energy and time measurement of these residues and their subsequent decay (α or fission). A tunnel of four silicon strip detectors 50x50 mm2, 500 μm thick with preamplifier gains tuned for the detection of internal conversion electrons and escape alphas was placed on the upstream side of the implantation detector.

    Around the focal plane is a ring of six EUROGAM Phase-I Germanium detectors from the French-UK loan-pool, encased in BGO shields for Compton suppression. A seventh unsuppressed Germanium detector, placed in a collinear geometry with respect to the beam line, completes the array.

    In 2009 the position sensitive detector was replaced by a Double Sided Strip Detector with 48 front and back strips.

    In 2011 a larger, more pixelated DSSD was purchased from MICRON.

    In 2012 an opportunity was afforded to upgrade the gamma-detection part of GABRIELA to the array of 4 coaxial detectors in a cross around the implantation detector and a large clover detector placed right behind the implantation detector.

    The new GABRIELA array was put into operation in Jan/Feb 2016 with the new CLODETTE clover detector and 4 Loan Pool Phase I detectors.The BGO shields were upgraded as well. In May/June 2016 on arrival of the new phase I detectors the final configuration was completed.

        CLODETTE clover detector                                                        Final configuration

    The Si detectors have also been upgraded. The implantation detector is now a 100x100 mm2 DSSD detector with 128 vertical and horizontal strips. The tunnel detector is composed of 8 DSSDs with 16 strips on both sides, 2 DSSDs on each face of the tunnel.

    The vacuum chamber was also modified to ensure maximal transparency to photons and minimal distance from the Ge detectors to the DSSD.

            The upgraded Si detectors                                                        Modified vacuum chamber

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