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Founded on May 20, 1957

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THE 55th ANNIVERSARY OF THE FLNR                                               In Russian

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Directorate of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research I congratulate you on such a remarkable date, 55th anniversary of foundation of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, pride and glory of our Joint Institute for Nuclear Research!

All these years your talented staff worked much and hard and thanks to it made a great progress and became one of the world's leading centers of nuclear physics. Your most brilliant recent discovery immortalized in the history of science the name of Academician Georgy Nikolaevich Flerov, the founder of this Laboratory!

Being pioneers in heavy ion physics the FLNR staff generated a number of scientific concepts and ideas which were supported and developed by foreign nuclear centers.

In addition to the in-depth and profound fundamental research some very attractive educational programs are being realized in the Laboratory. Applied research are of great impotence here too. They are being realized in production of track membranes, radiative study of materials and nanotechnology research, both perspective and very promising at present. The FLNR design and direct participation in construction of cyclotron centers in JINR Member-States contributed considerably to cooperation and world science.

Dear colleagues, I wish you every future success and prosperity! Let your persistence and enthusiasm never fail you in achievement of your goals. Our Institute is very proud of your extraordinary accomplishments!

Academician Victor Matveev
JINR Director

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Moscow region, Russia

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Telex: 911621 DUBNA SU
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