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  • U400 – Accelerator complex based on U400 isochronous cyclotron was put into operation in 1979.
    U400 accelerator is Laboratory’s basic setup for synthesis of new elements >>>

  • U400 (HTML5 / SWF)

  • U400M – Accelerator complex based on U400M isochronous cyclotron was put into operation in 1993. In 2002 this cyclotron was included in DRIBs accelerator complex designed for production of radioactive ion beams >>>

  • U400m (HTML5 / SWF)

  • MT-25 – Microtron electron accelerator was put into operation in 1973 (MT-17). It was totally upgraded in 1980 (MT-22) and in 1986 (MT-25). This microtron is used for study and production of ultraclean radioisotope >>>

  • MT-25 (HTML5 / SWF)

  • DC-40 (IC-100) – Cyclotron complex is the full-scale upgrade of IC-100 cycle implanter. Designed for high technology and applied research >>>

  • IC-100 (HTML5 / SWF)

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